Frameworx Images | Behind The Name

What does the word "Frameworx" in Frameworx Images mean?  When naming my business, it was important to me that I come up with a creative and meaningful name.  

  • Framework is defined as a structure for supporting or enclosing something else, especially a skeletal support used as the basis for something being constructed.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Design and have always had a love for architecture and design.
  • My grandmother Patricia was a beekeeper.  The hexagon shapes that create a honeycomb are another type of framework.  The honeycomb is also the inspiration behind my abstract hexagon logo.  I love that I am able to honor her by incorporating one of her passions into my own business and passion.
  • The "X" was inspired by my parents.  They are business owners in Louisiana who have used letter play incorporating "X" into the word Graphix in their business name.


In memory of Patricia.