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New Equipment = New Opportunities!

April 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have just added an extendable pole to my equipment collection!  This new tool now allows me to photograph from over 16 FEET in the air!  This is very exiting as I am now able to photograph unique views that are otherwise unachievable using traditional tools.  This service can certainly set real estate agents apart from their competition, and also be used to get more "eye level" with large architectural projects!  Extending the pole all the way can achieve results like these Before and Afters.  



This view really shows the expanse of the property, and how elements on the property interact together.  The pole does not have to be extended all the way of course, even just a slightly higher vantage point can create a more pleasing image.  Objects like fences and landscaping can sometimes obstruct the view of the home at the traditional eye level.



The FAA is currently working out laws for commercial drone photography use.  I hope regulations are put in place and drones become legal so that I can add this service in the future as well!


Highlands - Perkins

1222 Stuart Avenue

Broker: RE/MAX First

Listing Agent: Dorsey Peek

Neighboring Lee High School, this 1.5 acre property in the middle of Baton Rouge is on the market!  There are gorgeous live oaks, cypress trees, and a pond.  The seller wanted to focus on the property itself as the value is in the land, so this was a perfect shoot to use my new extendable pole on!


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