Frameworx Images | Wild Louisiana Beehive

Wild Louisiana Beehive

January 29, 2016  •  1 Comment

Have you ever seen such an amazing work of art by such little creatures?  

Bees have a very special meaning to me, as my grandmother Patricia was a beekeeper.  Their hexagonal "frameworx" have even influenced my business logo!  

When I was told about this amazing sight in "Somewhere", Louisiana, I just had to go see for myself!  While at the location,  I learned a little history on this colony as well.  The bees have been inhabiting this tree for over 40 years!  They were disturbed by a large limb that fell off, and started building on the exterior.  

When I photographed this hive back in November, they had only been working on it for a mere 5 months!  I look forward to visiting them again to document the growth!




LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this blog post! GREAT PICS!
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