Frameworx Images | Terms & Conditions - Real Estate


Updated 2016

By hiring Frameworx Images, LLC ("Frameworx Images") for photographs, products, services, etc. you ("Client") agree to the following terms and conditions:


Will travel up to 40 miles (round trip) from the 70769 area code for free.  Additional travel fee of $1 dollar per mile will be applied to properties farther than 40 total miles. “Destination” locations require a special quote.


All images/digital files remain the copyrighted property of Frameworx Images.  Frameworx Images owns all images/digital files and their copyrights unless otherwise stated in writing.  Frameworx Images holds the right to publish & use photos taken for advertising & self-promotion.  


Paid Client is granted unlimited usage license rights for the specified property.  All photos produced for the client may be used for all marketing, advertising, & self-promotion associated with the specified property for the duration of the listing.  Usage includes both electronic and printed forms of advertisement for the promotion of specified property.  Client will not make any alterations to the images without written permission from Frameworx Images. Please note that the photos are copyrighted by Frameworx Images, and a license is granted only to the paid client and not to any third party.  Any third party, including but not limited to other real estate agents, architects, builders, designers, publications, and stagers, interested in usage of photos may contact Frameworx Images for licensing fees.  Client may not resell, copy, transfer, etc. any Frameworx Images photographs to a third party.  The only exception to third party is the homeowner.  Client may give homeowners a copy of images for personal use.  If property is re-listed with a different agent, new agent may purchase and use existing images taken by Frameworx Images of specified property.  If published, photography credit must be given to Frameworx Images.


The photography fee paid to Frameworx Images is non-refundable.  Payment may be made with credit card, PayPal, cash, or check.  Louisiana state and local sales tax of 10% will be applied to all invoices.  To make payment through PayPal, you may request a PayPal invoice or use the Send Money option and enter email address  To pay with credit card, you may pay in person or send your credit card number, expiration date, CSC 3 digit number, and card zip code.  A 3% convenience fee will be applied to all credit card / PayPal transactions.  Payment in full due upon delivery of invoice.  

In the event of nonpayment within 30 days of date stated on invoice, Client will not be allowed to use any photographs produced by Frameworx Images as rights granted automatically terminate.  The local MLS will be contacted to remove the photographs that were not paid for.  Client's broker / manager will be contacted about the violation of Frameworx Images contract.  The continued use of Frameworx Images photographs following nonpayment is copyright infringement and legal action may be taken.  In the event that legal action is taken to collect due balances and protect copyright, Client agrees to reimburse Frameworx Images for any and all legal expenses incurred. 


By scheduling a shoot with Frameworx Images, Client and property owner agree to property photography release without signature.  Client or representative of Client must be present at the shoot to give access to property and discuss shots needed and other considerations and requests.  Client will refer property owner to the "Preparing for the Shoot" section of Frameworx Images's website.  Properties will be shot "as is", and using the provided guide will produce best possible images.  Client should specify exact shots desired.  Frameworx Images will take creative liberty to photograph major rooms if not specified.  Major rooms include exterior, kitchen, living room, dining room, family room, master bedroom, master bathroom, etc.  Minor rooms not considered a priority for photographs unless specified include small bathrooms, powder rooms, utility rooms, garage, attic, etc.


Professional lighting will be used at no extra cost.  All images are shot with professional-grade digital SLR cameras and high-quality lenses.  Images are then hand crafted using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to create a stunning result that will make your property stand out.  24-48 hour turnaround time of your images.  You will be sent a link to digitally download all images from Frameworx Images website.  Frameworx Images will deliver the exact number of images ordered by the Client.  Client will not be able to pick images to be purchased from a set.  Files will be given as JPEG sized for MLS Low Resolution Colored for Web.  High Resolution images and images colored for print use available upon request at no cost.  Complimentary one time image resizing in the custom size of your choice if requested.  Client image galleries will remain on Frameworx Images website for download for 6 months.  Client is responsible for image gallery extension requests.


Please call or email owner / photographer Ryan Schneider to schedule your shoot a minimum of 24 hours prior to desired appointment time (subject to availability.)  All cancellations must take place no later than 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment.  There is a $50 cancellation / rescheduling fee in the event that the cancellation takes places less than 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment.  As Frameworx Images photographs the property “as is”, the cancellation fee will apply if the photographer arrives and is asked to reschedule due to the property not being photo ready.  If events beyond Client's, Frameworx Images', or property owner's control cancel, delay, or disrupt the shoot, the affected shoot may be rescheduled without penalty.


In the event of heavy rain, Frameworx Images will photograph the interior and will reschedule the exterior shoot at no charge. Overcast skies will be computer edited to be more appealing at no charge.  Elevated Exteriors will not be available on windy days.


Prices subject to change without notice.

Above listed terms and conditions represent the only contract between Frameworx Images and the Client (unless specified otherwise.)  Terms and conditions subject to revision. 

Client agrees to allow Frameworx Images to display and post online Frameworx Images photographs, property information, and agent information at Frameworx Images discretion.  Client name may be used for Frameworx Images self promotion unless asked otherwise.

Frameworx Images is not responsible for the posting of Frameworx Images photographs to third party websites.  Frameworx Images is not responsible for issues or complaints in the event of decreased quality on third party website.

Frameworx Images is an independent contractor and not Client's employee.  Client is not my agent and cannot make agreements for me.